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          Fibrain Group is the Polish leading manufacturer in the field of ICT systems, fiber optic telecommunications and FTTH solutions, regularly noting revenue growth in sales of several tens of percent, year-on-year.  Over the years of  a coordinated development strategy, oriented at designing and implementing innovative solutions, has elevated Fibrain Group to the position of a leader in the fiber optic telecommunications market in Poland and provided the potential to build a global company. The result of this innovation-based development is the quick growth of the significance of the enterprise in international markets –in the EU, as well as Africa and the Americas. In order to extend its global activities, in 2012 Fibrain Group opened a division of the company in Mexico. Our products are manufactured in four factories located in Poland, whose total area amounts to 18 000 m.

          One of these is the Production and Laboratory Centre situated in Podkarpacki Science and Technology Park AEROPOLIS SSE S-1, S-2 near Rzeszów, which has been manufacturing fiber optic cables since 2013. The company also has extensive technical facilities, including a well-equipped qualification and development laboratory, which is being extended on an ongoing basis, in order to meet the growing requirements of the market. Moreover, the Research and Development Department develops modern and innovative solutions in areas such as photonics – multi-core fibers, or application of organics in telecommunications. Automatic stripers, lasers, polishing machines and state-of-the-art measurement equipment guarantee the highest quality of all manufactured components. All products undergo detailed inspection with the use of state-of-the-art measurement equipment. Therefore, highly qualified specialists from Fibrain cooperates with leading Polish and European centers and Universities, among others, Marie Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin or Military University of Technology in Warsaw. Moreover, the company pays special attention to develop cutting-edge technologies, which are widely regarded by the European Commission as crucial for the European economy.

          An integral and extremely valuable asset of the modern company is its highly specialized staff, which, thanks to their unique competences in the European market, covering niche areas of designing fibre optic cables, are able to undertake even the most demanding projects. Fibrain is more than just a supplier of ICT and a manufacturer of fibre optic cables. Its operations are dedicated to fulfilling its overriding mission – to facilitate and improve telecommunications, so as to guarantee security, the highest specifications and quality, with simple and streamlined operations, all this thanks to the application of pioneering solutions.

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