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Picture of PST-Ax- Telescopic patch panel

PST-Ax- Telescopic patch panel

Cable entries in a rear part of the shelf , Internal perforation to manage tubes and fibers, Faceplates ready for mounting adapters without screws, Adjustable side handles, Front plates can be optionally locked with a key, Holder for the strength element of cable.
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Picture of Fibrain-FOBP-R-T fiber optic closure

Fibrain-FOBP-R-T fiber optic closure

Maximum capacity 288 splices, Thermic type of port seals, 12 round cable entry and 1 oval port for uncut cables, Pole and wall mounting, Optional adapter panel, Built-in organizer for fiber optic tubes
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Picture of Fibrain OBP-S8 Distribution box

Fibrain OBP-S8 Distribution box

Maximum capacity 36 splices, SCM-C splice trays for 12 fibers, Optional adapter panel up to 12 adapters, Dedicated cable holders for inline and drop cables, Cover with block mechanism and opening angle of 140°, Optional cable reserve frame, Equipped with a lock.
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Picture of FIBRAIN Din Module FDM-S


Capacity up to 24 splices, Can be easily snapped on a DIN-Rail 35mm, Cable entries from the top and bottom, Possibility to mount up to 24x SC SX / LC DX / FC/ST and 2x MTP fiber optic adapter, Available in splice version or equipped with MTP Direct Split, Internal holders for fiber organization.
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Picture of Fibrain VFTO-E1 Customer outlet

Fibrain VFTO-E1 Customer outlet

Up to 2 pieces of SC sx / LC dx adapters, Holder for 4 splices, Description field for adapters on a top part of an outlet with a transparent flip cover, Possibility to personalize the outlet(logo, website, helpdesk phone number), Optional adapter for DIN rail, Optional wall support.
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Picture of BU-XN Fibrain wall-mounted fiber optic

BU-XN Fibrain wall-mounted fiber optic

wall-mounted fiber optic box indoor for FTTX boxes can be loaded with SC/LC Pigtails and Adapters
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