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          Entrance Control

          Picture of Tripod Turnstile  TS1000 Series

          Tripod Turnstile TS1000 Series


          TS1000 Tripod Turnstile TS1011 Tripod Turnstile with Controller and RFID Reader TS1022 Tripod Turnstile with Controller and Fingerprint & RFID Reader Tripod turnstiles are compact and cost-effective entrance solutions. Designing for smooth and silent operation, reducing power consumption, wear and tear. It is suitable for areas with a high traffic. The TS1000 series, our stainless steel compact version,offer high operating reliability in a small casework, ideal for sites where space is an issue. By receiving a signal from the access control system, or pushing button, it allows the entry of one person in a time. Entering into different directions are electronically controlled. Default mode is to lock the mechanism until a valid authorization signal is received. IIf you want to set one side free, you can adjust the mechanism. In case of emergency, the horizontal arm will drop to allow free passage.

          Picture of Walk Through Metal Detector

          Walk Through Metal Detector


          Eighteen mutual over-lapping detecting zones, Simultaneous alarm from multi- zones; Small LCD screen, English operating software, easy to operate. Sensitivity adjustable: Each zone has 256 sensitivity level Sound & LED alarm: Both Side LED indicator, easily show where the metal is. Automatically count passengers and alarm times Alarm strength indicator on control panel Password protection, only the authorized person can operate. Easy assembly: designed with only 2 pieces cables and 8 screws, simply-to-follow instruction. Harmless to human body: is harmless with heart pacemaker, pregnant women, magnetic floppy, recording tapes, etc. Using high density fireproof material Program Self-diagnostic when power on,no need initial or periodic calibration Modularization design,easy for maintenance and replacement. • 4-8 hours backup battery (Option)

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