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          Guard Tower System

          Silicon tank, metal body with rubber shell outside, super durable, IP67 Pogo pin USB connector, high download speed Non-contacting reading of RFID tag Sabotage absorbent, resistant to electrical shock Super storage capacity 4Mb Flash, 60000 records Tags Can be used in any severe environment working life more than20 years working frequency    125Khz


          Grey , Green, Yellow


          IP Rate



          Operating Temperature



          Reading Mode

          RFID 125 KHz
          Reading distance
          3cm -5cm


          USB,(CP2102,USB2.0) upload data 15000 pieces per min


          Battery rated voltage : 3.7V
          rated capacity : 880Amh
          Dimension : 33mm × 25 mm×10 mm

          Standby time

          1、Read tags per second, can be used at least 40 hours.
          2、500 readings per day, can be used for 29 days. Five days for low power.

          Data Storage

          16Mbit flash, 60,000 pieces



          Vibration with Colorful LED light. Red, Green, Blue, White.

          Tag ID number

          1.8 bit Hexadecimal number in reader (4 byte ), and 10 bit decimalism number in the software.
          2.Can be expanded to 10 bit Hexadecimal number ( 5 byte ).

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