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Picture of SSC-T30U Unitube Armored Cable

SSC-T30U Unitube Armored Cable

For installation into existing duct or directly buried Rodent retardant, Outdoor, High rodent protection, High crush resistance, UV resistant black HDPE sheath, Corrugated steel armoring, Double Ripcord,
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Picture of PST-Ax- Telescopic patch panel

PST-Ax- Telescopic patch panel

Cable entries in a rear part of the shelf , Internal perforation to manage tubes and fibers, Faceplates ready for mounting adapters without screws, Adjustable side handles, Front plates can be optionally locked with a key, Holder for the strength element of cable.
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Picture of AERO-AS04 Aerial Multitube Cable

AERO-AS04 Aerial Multitube Cable

For installation on poles or in ducts, Fully dielectric cable, Self-supporting aerial cable with aramid reinforcement, For installation along power lines with an operation voltage below 150 kV and producing space potential below 4 kV,
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Picture of SSC-CI-T20 Multitube Armored Cable

SSC-CI-T20 Multitube Armored Cable

For installation into existing duct or directly buried Rodent retardant, Dry yarns and tape to prevent longitudinal water penetration, Loose tube (PBT Ø 2.0mm) with filing compound, Optical fibres, Fillers (if applicable), Water-swellable tape, Fibreglass yarns as strain relief, Corrugated steel tape armouring, Black UV stabilized PE sheath.
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Picture of BDC-CIP Hybrid Duct Cable

BDC-CIP Hybrid Duct Cable

For installation into existing duct, Good resistance to traction and compression, FRP strength and anti-buckling element Insulated cooper cores 1,5mm2 (Ø 2.2mm), Loose tubes with filling compound (PBT Ø 2.2mm) Tape and dry yarns to prevent moisture into the cable, Fiberglass yarns as strain relief elements, UV stabilized PE outer sheath,
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Picture of BURRY-DAC Direct Buried Cable

BURRY-DAC Direct Buried Cable

Optical access cable with fiberglass yarns Direct buried design Fully dielectric cable Last mile connection High crush resistance (3,0kN) Installation into existing ducts or direct buried
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